LIFE FACT; It’s impossible to have everyone like you. There will always be someone(s) disliking you for some #reason, usually very trivial. Someone will dislike you because you are either too tall,very loud,poor, promiscuous, homosexual,fat,too thin,big nose, flashy,too hype, uneducated,too dark,very quiet,or whatever it’s you are too much of,for their liking.

It is okay that some attributes of you make some people #feel some type of way,it is not your problem, usually it is their problem to deal with, because they see #attributes of you; they are scared to face in their own life,they are insecure about or they’re too  ignorant about, that they haven’t dared dig deep inside of them to find out,why someone else’s character/shape/way of life, triggers hatred/dislike/anger e.t.c in them.

It’s not your #work to convince them that liking you is #possible,or to make them #like you! One thing about #love or connections is that it should flow #freely. If you #manipulate it,force it,it is you who will get hurt in the process. It is energy draining,u could use that #energy for something else,where #effort is needed or #appreciated.

Quit letting people decide how you feel,or live. Know yourself , accept you current #self and focus on your journey. They say,you can’t stop to throw a stone to every #dog that’s barking,you know why? Each of those dogs have their own #needs,and you cannot assume the caterer’s #responsibility,you can’t assume that every one of them wants to bite you either. #FOCUS ON YOU, everything else is #noise.

And this is my #philosophy. I am usually unbothered,I am the only one who can bother me,and even that is not allowed.I  put in work so I don’t #become my enemy.

#Life is about choices and each #choice births outcomes which will give rise to a need for more choices and #decision making. Be careful,be aware, one bad choice can birth so much darkness.

You have to #protect yourself at whatever cost,and while at it,be kind to yourself and other people.


I want to be addicted to things I desire,not these habits.

If there’s something I am struggling with currently, it’s letting go of these habits,habits that do not serve my purpose. Like consuming foods I know are unhealthy for my body,but I keep on going back to them because they taste good,alcohol,smoking,hanging out with people who don’t make me feel good about my day to day living experience, and several other things that have become the foundation of my day to day experience, just because they are easy and cheap to indulge in.

To be honest,I get that instant kick of indulgence, but when I am done,when I have had enough,I feel bad that I let myself go so far when there are so many other alternatives that I would have chosen. These habits feel easy, and almost like automatic! What I would rather do alternatively, feels hard,like I need so much energy to do,become and make it happen, even though,in reality,they are not that hard,they are just unfamiliar, not the usual,and their benefits do not feel like a tipsy head after a few shots of liquor! Holiness! What am I becoming? I don’t like it here.

Why can’t I be addicted to the things I desire to be part of? Why is it so hard to let go of habits,and even harder to form new ones? I want to believe that acknowledging my problem is the gate way to finding a solution,this is the only thing giving me hope. I am not a quiter,I am not giving up on myself now or ever,I want to believe, It will get better,that I will do good by me.

I am enough,complete and whole as I am!!

You cannot be everyone’s favourite,
Sometimes even the people you adore,
Won’t find you so adorable,
And that’s okay!
I think it’s important to be your own favourite person,
I think it’s important to look at yourself on the angle you wish people looked at you!
I find fulfilment in knowing  I am enough,complete and whole,
Because I so happen to be,
Irregardless of what other people think of me,
I refuse to invest my energy in conforming to that which is not authentically me,
For some cheap validation,
I validate myself,from that angle,I open myself to growth and the possibility of vibing with those who are okay with my being as it is!!!



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Letting go..

Detaching from things that once meant so much to us,
Cutting off people who meant everything to us,
Taking a detour from a familiar road.

Even though it’s a necessary step step for growth,
Even though it allows change to take place,
It’s a painful phase,
It’s heartbreaking,
It’s grief in disguise.

It’s also courageous,
To pack pieces of ourselves we held dear,
And throw them away,
For they’re no longer competent to
Serve the intention(s) we set them for,
To watch them crush,fall apart,and fade away,
With all the little goodness they had,
Because it’s the right thing to do,
For ourselves.
To ignore the desire to pick it all up and give it a twentieth chance, because in the end we know we did our best,and it’s no longer worthy holding unto.
To allow the pain of loss,burn us down, with the hope that someday because of this decision,
We’ll be rewarded.

Different, existing in an ugly society

I look at me,at her,at him,at them
I look at us,
I see the hate,the despise,the unspoken judgement
Imposed,directed to people very similar to myself,
The weird people,the different ones,
The sinners,the family’s black sheep,
The rebels,the society’s outcasts

In them I see myself,
I see the struggle to;
Fit in, identify as,
I see people who want,
To be seen and heard,
I see harmless people who like every other human,
Love,kindness, support , safety
And a sense of belonging,
In an unkind,ugly, arrogant
Society of self-serving, blasphemous purists,
Determined to destroy and hate,
What they don’t understand or care to get to know,
Reason being,to this society;
We are always the Them,
Who have to confirm to something they want,
For us to be treated as humans!

When you look keenly,
When you see and understand,
You’d love to hate them,
You’ll feel ashamed and disgusted of the place ,
you call home,
A home ,a family, a society you did not chose,
But then,
I refuse to lower myself to their level,
I refuse to be this repulsive,
I refuse to conform,
They call this resistance, rebellion,sinful,
They are blinded ,
Physically, mentally and spiritually,
Their own doing,
Their arrogance, spreading like a virus,
Eating their own system,
Generation after generation,
And boy! Don’t I feel lucky!

I will use my voice,my self-expression,
To fight the system,
To define myself,
To speak against a destructive society,
That lives on its head, refusing to see the outside world,
Spreading hatred,fear, while condemning unjustly,
A person they do not know at all,
A person whose mistake is to breathe,
A person whose existence is universe’s
Own doing.

As different as I am,
I chose this difference to create change,
One way or another,
For me , for her,for him,for them,
Whose desire is to love,
Whose desire is to exist in a safe environment,
Where they do not feel the threat of eradication,
For just existing!

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Tell your story and validate yourself.

First of all,
You have the right to tell your story,
In your own words,
Your emotions are valid,
You do not have to make sense
to everyone,
Not everyone will understand you,
Not everyone will listen to you,
Not everyone is entitled to you.

Does it matter though?
It does matter that you tell your story,
It does matter that you make sense to
It does matter that you understand yourself,
It does matter that you allow yourself
It does matter that you validate yourself,
It does matter that you are aware of your experience,
It does matter that you are kind to yourself.

Own it,
Make no apologies,
Feel it,
Let go,
Move on.


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