How confident are you in your own body at this moment?

I have struggled with body image for a very long time,I have written about being body shamed in previous blog posts,and it took a toll in my confidence. I grew up thinking I had to look a certain way to be seen as a beautiful woman. I struggled with this idea for the better apart of my life. I realize,it is not only me,but also,a lot of people out there.It is sad that we let people determine how we should look look. It is even sad that we totally give in to these absurd ideas,that to love ourselves,to be loved, we have got to put effort and achieve a certain look.

Everyone is different. We are designed this way. Nobody chooses a body or a face ,they get born with. We are born in different backgrounds,from different parents,different genes and raised in different environments.

Somehow,we all have been raised in societies,where we are brainwashed with ideas of what is considered beautiful,and therefore,we are left struggling to match up to these ideas and expectations,for us to feel admired and eventually find love. But what happens when we cannot achieve this? We feel like failures,find ourselves not good enough and end up loathing what we see in the mirror.

I would like to tell people that they are good looking,perfect as they are,and they do not need to look any other way to be liked or loved. The people who love us,love us for who we are,they see our souls. These people love us because we deserve love,they love the way we love and care for them.

If a person has to change their appearance,they should do so because it is what they desire,not because they seek love outside of themselves. They should change their body to maintain a healthy life approach.

Every person should look at themselves with the eyes of love. Each and every person is stuck in their bodies untill the day they die,therefore,it is only fair that a person loves themselves. Each and every person should get comfortable in their own skin. .

No one should be judged or called names for looking a certain way. Nobody should be heartless to body shame others. Nobody should allow anyone to get into their head with ideas of how they should look like. Anyone who does this to another,has issues and insecurities with their own appearance and often will do this to others trying to make another person suffer like they are. These kind of people should not be tolerated or given attention,they are not worthy it.

Get naked in your house,embrace your body in the shower,look at yourself in the mirror and say only positive things about yourself. Love yourself a little more every day. You are perfectly fine. You deserve love,you should start by showing yourself that love. Expecting to feel love,only when it comes from others,is allowing yourself to live in doubts about yourself worth throught your life,for people will not always be their for you. Showing yourself love,loving yourself,is filling yourself with love,you will not need someone else to tell you,how good looking you are,to affirm it,because you know this from the heart.

Our bodies do so much for us. Our bodies have always been there for us,it is our duty and responsibility to show them love. To appreciate them. To feed them healthy food. To feed them with good thoughts. And to exercise them.

Be confident.Let go of the insecurities,they work against you! Once insecurities start showing,you give people reasons to make you feel even worse about yourself. By loving yourself,others learn how to love you the same way!

You are lovely,and so is your body!

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