LIFE FACT; It’s impossible to have everyone like you. There will always be someone(s) disliking you for some #reason, usually very trivial. Someone will dislike you because you are either too tall,very loud,poor, promiscuous, homosexual,fat,too thin,big nose, flashy,too hype, uneducated,too dark,very quiet,or whatever it’s you are too much of,for their liking.

It is okay that some attributes of you make some people #feel some type of way,it is not your problem, usually it is their problem to deal with, because they see #attributes of you; they are scared to face in their own life,they are insecure about or they’re too  ignorant about, that they haven’t dared dig deep inside of them to find out,why someone else’s character/shape/way of life, triggers hatred/dislike/anger e.t.c in them.

It’s not your #work to convince them that liking you is #possible,or to make them #like you! One thing about #love or connections is that it should flow #freely. If you #manipulate it,force it,it is you who will get hurt in the process. It is energy draining,u could use that #energy for something else,where #effort is needed or #appreciated.

Quit letting people decide how you feel,or live. Know yourself , accept you current #self and focus on your journey. They say,you can’t stop to throw a stone to every #dog that’s barking,you know why? Each of those dogs have their own #needs,and you cannot assume the caterer’s #responsibility,you can’t assume that every one of them wants to bite you either. #FOCUS ON YOU, everything else is #noise.

And this is my #philosophy. I am usually unbothered,I am the only one who can bother me,and even that is not allowed.I  put in work so I don’t #become my enemy.

#Life is about choices and each #choice births outcomes which will give rise to a need for more choices and #decision making. Be careful,be aware, one bad choice can birth so much darkness.

You have to #protect yourself at whatever cost,and while at it,be kind to yourself and other people.

Photos of you make me cry

Longtime no see,no talk,
I saw your photo on some App,
You have changed, that’s a fact,
What years can do to a man’s face!
You’ve lost weight,you look good
I wonder if you’ve changed on the inside,
The last time I saw you,I was disappointed,
I gave us a second chance,two years ago,
Drove over a thousand kilometers,
Made plans on my head,
What did I expect?
You’ve always been an egotistical man,
Mean,selfish, never cared for anyone’s feelings,
I am coming to terms with the harsh reality,
You will Always be you, admirable…

You are not the kind to forgive the past,
You never got to heal your childhood trauma
Your parents hurt you so bad,
Look what that has done to us!
I’d blame them,but I blame you,
In your fifties, what’s the cost of letting go?
I hate that photos of you make me cry,
Twenty plus years waiting for your hug,
I will never get that, I will never hear you say
That you love me,
This is what I get in this lifetime,
I accept it,even though it hurts me,
I can’t change it,I can’t change you,
You’re a part of me,I am a part of you,
Maybe that’s the best you could give me,
In this lifetime.

I am grateful, don’t label my emotions,
Is it too bad to want more?
It’s a human condition, understand me,
You are a volcano,you are a storm,
Powerful, elegant but dangerous,
I will always love you,from a distance,
It has always been impossible
to live with you,
You did me good,and you hurt me bad,
It’s complicated, it’s difficult,
Carrying these mixed feelings about someone you love,
Tough love,that breaks me everytime,
May you live longer,
I am never giving up hope on us.

Someday,you will look at me,
And you will feel what I feel
Someday, you will give me a chance,
And you will hear me out,
I have only wanted your love,
And maybe our time is yet to come,
Hope is a dangerous thing,
It scares me to think, it’s the only thing,
That connects me to you!


Sometimes I think about you,how can I not?
You touched my heart,mind and soul in a
Matter of days girl,
The connection was real,in a way I have never been with anyone,
I watched you slip off my hand,
I tell myself there’s nothing I could do
There was, actually
Heated conversation on the phone,
We could have done better,
Blame game,you did,I didn’t,I did,you didn’t,
It’s been months,today I thought about you
Like I do so often,
I refuse to brush off the thought of,you
You called me names and asked me to fuck off,
Maybe I should have come back,maybe you wanted me to,
I have had a rough journey,you did not make it easier,
I gave up too fast,I am sorry,and.. I am not,
Would you love me if I didn’t have a sense of self worth?
Would you love me,if I let you crush me to dust
To measure if I deserve of you?
Girl,I look strong,truth is you overestimated me,
It’s like everyday I am holding on by a thread of hope,that I may put myself together,
That you may see me in this wholeness,
It was too soon obviously,you didn’t get to know me,
You were my priority,really,
Even in my broke state I wanted to be your strength pillar,
I was deep into it,how comes you couldn’t see beyond your prejudices?
I should have tried harder,
For a first time,I really did my best,
You ran too fast, I stopped for a breather ,and you were gone,
If it is not too late…
Can I get another chance?
I mean,can we give what we had started a chance to grow?
I can’t face you,I am a coward
Maybe I’ll let fate decide for us,
Babe,I wanna be a taker,
I am just lost in my begger phases,
I am not all I want to be,yet
I see light ahead,maybe you could trust in us,
We’d be phenomenal,
It’s okay if you moved on,
It’s okay if you found love,
I’d be happy to know you’re happy,
Can we be friends?
Am glad I met you, it’s okay.

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Adios mi amor [letter/poem]


I thought I was your favorite person, your words not mine

We made plans for the future, just you and I my love                                                 

Last night I was hurt to know there is someone else in our life

My bubble busted open, to the sight of your chats

Heart Emojis, kissy faces and hugs

You call each other ‘babe’ ,honey and pumpkin

I am still in shock, I am shattered and I feel stupid

Wondering what the hell did I do wrong?

I always thought we were solid

When did things change so much?

I can’t help but wonder, were they always a part of us?

Between me and her who is the intruder? How long has she been your other person?

One heart, but my whole being is broken

I am hurt, I am angry, I am sad, how can I trust you again?

Every time you cancelled our plans and said you were caught up with work

Whenever you said you were hanging out with your friends

Disappeared for a whole weekend, your phone unreachable

Was it her keeping you busy? Was she your weekend plan with friends?

I have so many questions, only you can answer

Somehow, I am afraid to know what your answers are.

I hope she loves you the way I love you,

I hope you found in her what I didn’t give you,

Even in this hurt I am jealous of her, she must be very perfect,

Go ahead and be happy with her, I will be okay, I promise

My advice, do not do her what you have done to me,

She may never recover,

I want to forget you the same way you forgot us

But I am not you,

adios mi amor

Working with your emotions to live a quality life experience.

Hello dear reader,
How are you feeling at the moment? Are you content with your current life experience? Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you anxious? Are you depressed? What’s up! Can you describe what you are feeling? Do you ever take a minute or two to just feel, to understand your feelings and mental state? Do you take responsibility for whatever it is you are feeling or going through,or do you think it’s someone else’s doing? Do you take credit for making yourself and or others feel good or do you discredit yourself,and sometimes even ask people to stop praising and thanking you for the things you do for them, for making them feel and for the things you have achieved?

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Your well being matters. Your physical wellbeing, mental wellness and emotional wellbeing are,and should be your top responsibility. You need to maintain a balance,heal where it hurts,and integrate. Other people may trigger some reaction from you,but you hold the winning cards,play smart when it comes to social interactions, because mixing energies might take a toll on you if you’re not careful. What you give to others,and what you receive  from them has a big impact on your state of being. What you allow in can easily control you if you do not stay alert,if you do not become the master or captain of your own life experience.

Sometimes you might get too deep into some messy mixups, which might weigh you down ,in ways you’d have never anticipated. It’s not the end of the world when things go completely opposite of your expectations. Challenges and obstacles are meant to challenge you,they might seem above you, sometimes,but trust me, there’s nothing you cannot get over, patience my dear. Let go of the idea, that you are supposed to understand everything at once or that you are supposed to solve everything at once . It’s not possible,you might have realized that already. One step at a time,and while at it,be kind to yourself please.

When things are going on right,when it feels good,take credit for all the actions and choices you made that brought you to that moment. Be thankful to everyone and everything that enabled you throughout the process. Allow others to give you compliments. You deserve to be recognized. Yes,you made all that happen,you were part of the process,own it and let it be a reminder that, people like you,a person like yourself can make accomplishments. Small or big,an accomplishment is an accomplishment and should be celebrated.

I have seen it in my life,how easy it is to discredit oneself,how easy it is to completely go off over minor challenges and stress over  things that happened opposite of my expectations and dwell on that for a long time. I have seen how easy it is to ignore accomplishments which at some point in my  past life, I’d have given everything to have a taste,a feel of. Be very self-aware,so that every step you take,you’re completely immersed from the beginning to the end.

Being aware, of what’s happening,what has been happening and what has happened, gives you clarity and a slight imagination of the near future, enabling you to do what it takes to maintain a balance in your life experience. Observe your thoughts and feelings they are your inner  compass ,the directions you need to get in tune with yourself and experience abundance.

In conclusion,I am asking you to do something for yourself,right now. Get a clean blank paper and write down what you feel right now,put your thoughts on paper too,once you’re done,read everything you’ve written. Is this the kind of reality you want to live on? If not change it,you have the power to,I promise. Are you having a challenge,an obstacle? Well,now that you are aware of it,what do you plan to do next? Do everything,but don’t just sit down and expect a miracle or sob ,you are better than that. Take action.

I feel messy, physically and mentally,I am taking time this evening to declutter my space,this helps me to bring clarity to my experience. Also I have achieved something I have been wanting to bring to my reality for a long time. I made a big purchase that means a lot to me, although,since I am little messy,I haven’t taken time to really celebrate this big win, which I intend to celebrate right now and use this tool to better my life experience as I  always imagined. I am really grateful for the far I have come as a person. I am proud,of the person I am becoming . I appreciate this good moment ,I am happy to make more memories, experience more of life and give myself everything I need to elevate my life experience.

Reminder: Do what you can to the best of your ability,and let go of what you can’t access at the moment. Only focus on the possibilities,what seem impossible and out of your control,is up to life,do your part,one step at a time, consistently without giving up. Always ask yourself,’if I give up on myself,how will I grow? Who will care? The reality is ; everyone is occupied with themselves and their goals?’ Only when you give meaning to your life will others see your purpose. Only you can show others how to treat you.

Have a good day ❤️

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