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Love your body

I urge you all to love your bodies. It’s been there for you since day one! With your body,you digest food,walk,sit, exercise,talk, write,hold and carry stuff,kiss,hug,make love,dance,see,eat,laugh,feel, and so much more.

The body is the physical manifestation of yourself. It gives you a chance to perceive the physical world,which is good for your growth and evolution.

Do not get obsessed with looking a certain way,that you loathe who you are. You are fine as you are. Be nice to your body and it will be good to you

You are enough as you are❤️❤️

I love my body.I totally love your body


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Having a real life plan for the first time

Hello my far away relatives😊

I don’t know where to start,it has been a long bumpy ride to get where I am today. I am excited and happy, regardless. It took me 24 years and 9 months,to bring some clarity in my life,to get here.

I have cried along the way,too many times,I remember crying and only stopping when my head started to ache,I remember waking up with swollen eyes,I remember being worried about the future,I couldn’t sleep the night,I remember the sadness,I remember the distress,but,I also remember the happiness that peeped in,I am just trying to say it hasn’t been easy,but I survived,and conquered,and for that I’m proud of who I am today.

All my life I never had lifetime goals,I never had a major plan,not even once.Most kids say,”I wanna be a doctor/pilot/teacher/singer…when I grow up.” I guess this is where it starts, having an idea of the kind of life you desire or want to live. That wasn’t me,and by the way,I did well in school,but, I just did well because that what people should do when they are in school. My subject teachers would feel that their efforts are paying off,my parents wouldn’t be wasting their money,and I would go through school.

However,I knew I would be successful one day,I would have money and a home of my own. That’s it. I never went into details. I never knew the details anyway. I never had a ‘dream’. It wasn’t until recently that I realized why I never had a life of my dreams. My real night time dreams were usually terrifying, horrific,I would wake up to pray to forget them,and then in real life we are talking about a life of my dreams? No way!

I have been doing some inner work these last two years,I have been deep into it,and guess who has a life of their dream now? Me! This time,I dream with my eyes open,in broad daylight,I see it all unfold on my eyes,I create the dream and guess what else? A plan to make it manifest, because,why not? I am a creator.

For the first,I sat down,and I wrote down all the aspects of my life; what I like,what I desire,what I don’t like,my past stories of who I thought I was, activities I enjoy, basically anything that could pop on my head that relates to what I think I have been all about. I sorted everything out,and I was left with what could be my raw materials to making a foundation to a new way of living life.

This was only last week. It was too much work,and I haven’t managed to put everything into details yet,but it looks good. I love it. Decluttering what is almost twenty-five years of life, can’t be a one-day thing! I am patient with the process,I have never felt so excited about something like I am right now. I am so deep into it.

You know what,I love life, and I am gonna live it with love and openness.

I love you for reading through,see you next time,bye.




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Alone,Never lonely

For more than six years,I left my parents’ home and travelled kilometers away,in a distant county,I set myself free and now I live alone in a small apartment,with my three cats. And one of them just gave birth to three very beautiful little kittens,now 4 weeks old. It’s seven of us now! Eight, actually, there’s this stray cat who visits us and spends time on the balcony,most days,he’s our friend,my friend,my cats aren’t fond of him.

The older I get,the more I value spending time alone. I am not actively social,the world outside is very noisy and full of chaos. Chaos is everywhere,my thoughts as well, but when I am isolated,in my little house,or in nature, I feel the breeze of peace and serenity. I feel whole.

Yeah,I do know people,and sometimes I indulge in the hood shenanigans, moderately though,I would never want to get lost in it. I keep my boundaries,and I avoid attachments of any kind. I have the loner personality,and it’s cool. I avoid so much drama,this way!

One of my mantras,’me,myself and I before anything and anyone else.’ I cancel meetups,to chill in my house. I would rather spend time in bed,or watering my plants,or journaling ,or playing with my kitten than join people who add no value to me. I dislike empty conversations,for I have had so many experiences with this,so,I would rather converse with my thoughts.

I get assumptions about how lonely it can be,when you do not have friends to hangout with,or at least a partner. I disagree. Solitude is really fulfilling. What I have learnt,is that we are never alone, we are always sorounded by nature and by other people,even if from a distance. Relationships do not have to be so personal to mean something. And hey, why keep a bunch of meaningless relationships,when you can just be alone and happy!




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I am a witch


Lying on the grass,gazing at the skies,the speedy but seemingly slow,movement of the clouds,the moon almost into its fullmoon phase,the stars scattered everywhere like magical lit city.

I am grounded firmly my mother  earth, surrounded by neighbor’s goats and my kittens,and obviously enjoying,loving this scenery, makes me wonder,how long it has taken me to realize,I have always had the witch spirit!

I am a witch



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Falling &Staying in love

It is easy to fall in love with a person,
If they are your idea of attractive,
And are good with words,
We all want to hear words of,
Appreciation, gratitude and of,
How perfect we are in our imperfections.
We like the idea of being seen and heard,
We like the idea of someone taking care of us,
We like the idea of ‘us’
And that of being chosen as the special one.

Google image

It is hard to stay in love,with a person,
It takes effort and a great deal of maturity
Some days our darkness takes over,
Past traumas and fears come to play,
On those days it’s hard to even love ourselves,
Unless two people are aware of these cycles,
And are willing to experience them, individually
And as a couple,
Staying in love is difficult!

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