Mental health is a Lifetime commitment

Let’s be keen on how we drive ourselves through life.
There are lows ,highs and flats ,so don’t be hard on yourself, it’s not always difficult because of something you did or didn’t do,there are other influences beyond our control.

What if it’s something we actually did then? Forgive yourself,being self-destructive because of it,is like poking a wound with a hot iron, expecting it to hurt less. Learn,let go and rectify where possible.

As you journey through life;

1.may you have fun because it is an adventure,all journeys are.

2.May you  remember to take some rest, it’s a long journey, don’t rush yourself you’ll burn out.

3.May you find strength to keep moving when the pressure is high.

4.May you find courage when it’s dark and you’re afraid. When opportunities come and you are doubting yourself. When it’s time to move on but the unknown future ahead terrifies you.

5. May you find help when you are stuck and clueless. Ask and it shall be given. Life has got your back. You too have the answers within you,find them in silence.

6. May you find serenity and peace when you feel lonely ,at loss and when it gets chaotic. Breathe deep, darling,you are meant for this!

7. May you find warmth in the arms of strangers,on the chests of your beloveds,in the sunshine and moonlight,in the woods and in the eyes of other beings,animals of home and the wild

8.May you feel Content in the little,that you have.

9.May you feel love

10.May you grow to be wise and self-sufficient.

Make your mental health a priority, it’s a lifetime commitment.May you know how to maintain a balance,how to take yourself to safety and peace when things are tough,rough and chaotic.

I love you, ❤️

My great grandmother Julia

I miss my great grandmother Julia so much,this year! After some soul searching,I came to the realization that she is that one person who really love me so very much! She would do anything for me,if it meant making me happy,and she always showed how much she loved me,to me and to all the family members!

How I wish I could see her,one more time!

God,devil, heaven and hell.

If there’s god somewhere,
It has to be inside of me,
In my  pure intentions,
In my good deeds,
In the believe that ‘ I can’
Somewhere, in what ‘I am.’

If there’s a devil somewhere,
It has to be inside of me,
In self-doubt,shame and insecurity,
Inside the envious thoughts,
Feeling ‘I can’t’ when I want,wish I could
Somewhere,where I let other people’s opinions,Views and ideas form my reality.

If there’s a heaven somewhere,
It has to be inside of me,
In the moments when I am at peace,
When everything seems okay,
When my dreams excite me,
When I accept my present reality,
When I love all that I am ,
Somewhere where everything is,as it is,and is perfect like it is.

If there’s hell somewhere,
It has to be inside of me,
In the way I relive the painful experiences,
In the way I torture myself with harsh thoughts,
In the way I worry about things that haven’t happened yet,
Somewhere where my thoughts work against me,
I feel defeated, weakly, totally disconnected from what is real,as if I am dying and beyond saving.


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Self love is love at its best

Love yourself the way you want to be loved.

Write love letters to yourself.

Appreciate yourself, you are doing your best.

Talk kindly to yourself.

Plan dates for yourself.

Feed yourself with good food and information.

Distance yourself from negativity and people who make you feel unappreciated and those who drain your energy.

Make goals and work on them.

Be grateful about the good things and people in your life.

Create time to rest and  rejuvenate .

Cheer yourself up . Be your cheerleader and supporter

Exercise your body.

Make yourself the top priority.

Self love is love at its best ❤️